Miskolc (Hungary) - 27.4.1929


Campinas, SP - 23.1.1981


S. Paulo, SP - 25.9.1965


Campinas - 8.11.1992

AGE: 63   


After the soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 he emigrated to Brazil assuming the name of “Bento”. Some time after that he join the order of the Benedictines where he made his solemn profession on 20 Jan 1961.

In 1963 he became a Brazilian citizen. He was then ordained priest in S. Paulo in 1965.  In 1970 he left the Benedictine order and was incardinated in the diocese of S. Paulo for 5 years, as national assistant of the Boy Scouts.

When he passed to the diocese of Marilia he came to know our confreres and asked to be admitted to our Congregation.  He worked in our communities of S. Cruz in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Claro, Casa Branca, Palmas, PR, S. Caetano do Sul, Livramento, BA, Ribeirão Preto.

Fr Bento had good qualities that were admired and esteemed. Due to his strong personality and spirit of initiative he met also with difficulties and misunderstanding.

In 1991, while parish priest of Bento Quirino, SP, he suffered a fall, and had a fatal head injury. Many attempts were made to restore him to normality but it was in vain: he died one year after that accident.



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