July 1th





BORN:            Verona (S. Stefano) – 5.5.1790

ORDAINED:   4.6.1814

ENTERED:      Stimmate – 4.11.1816

DIED:              Verona (Casa Massalongo) – 1.7.1871

AGE:                81


While still young, Fr Marani became very close to Fr Bertoni: he was his helper and his confidant. To him, when he was still a seminary student, Fr Bertoni revealed his secret dream of founding an Congregation of religious life. After entering the Stimate in 1816, he indefatigably engaged himself in teaching at the school and in the sacred ministry.  Immediately after the death of St. Gaspar, he worked his best to have the Congregation canonically recognized, which at that time was very reduced in number. He refurbished the monastery of the Holy Trinity, so that it might be a good house for Novitiate. He started renovating the buildings of the S. Maria del Giglio (the so called “Derelitti”). After the expropriation of all the assets of the Congregation and the dispersion of its members in 1867, he retired to the house belonging to the Massalongo family, where he died four years later. 



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