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25 January




Chiampo, VI – 29.07.1883






Verona (S. Leonardo) – 25.01.1958

AGE: 75 


After his ordination he became assistant to our professed students at the Derelitti (S. Maria in Giglio) and then at the Santissima Trinità. He worked tiorelessly for the edition of our constitutions and in the same time he obtained his degree in theology in Rome (1912-1915). He taught for one year in Belluno and then he left for the USA in 1916.  In 1920 he was elected Ordinary Visitator. In 1922 he was elected Superior General and in 1928 he was elected again for a second and third term of six years. He has the merit of having obtained the full juridical constitution of our Congregation: the pontifical approval of our Constitutions and the division into provinces (1940-1946).

He was the force behind the thrust for a major expansion of our Congregation in China, Brazil and USA. He started in 1911 the publication of “Il Bertoniano”.

After 1946 he returned to the USA, but due to poor health and advanced age he had to return to Italy. During his last years he gave to everybody a good example of obedience and dependence on the superiors as a young novice. His great authority (superior general for 18 years!) and his many merits did not obscure in him the good religious.


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