February 22st



Leo THOMAS Riley (priest)



East Boston - May 9, 1927


Wellesley, MA - June 13, 1951


Rome - June 12, 1954


Waltham - February 22, 1995

AGE: 68


He was the first of eight children, and entered our congregation after the elementary education in East Boston. He completed his theological studies at the Angelicum University in Rome. And was ordained in the church of St Agatha in our general House.

He was particularly keen in literature and history, which he first studied in Boston College.  His first task was as teacher and prefect of our students in the seminary of Elm Bank in Wellesley, MA, where he remained until 1964. The rest of his pastoral ministry was in the parishes of Milford, Waltham, Lynn and Agawam.

Fr Leo was much involved also in the provincial activities. He was delegate in several provincial chapters. As a general councillor (1976-1979) he contributed much to insure the stability of the Thailand province.

His last charge was that of rector of the St Anthony mission in Agawam, MA.

He remains one of the most loved and characteristic confreres of the Holy Spouses Province. He was bound to us by his exceptional love and dedication to the community Stigmatine life and to our missions in the world.


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