BORN:           Verona 5.9.1817

ENTERED:    Stimmate 22.4.1834

ORDAINED:  12.3.1842

DIED:             Verona (Stimmate) 5.9.1875

AGE:              58


After his priestly ordination he was affected by a serious illness and he suffered for one year. He then seriously applied himself to the sacred ministries under the guidance of Fr. Gaspar  who loved him tenderly. He was appointed master of novices for many years, and subsequently formator of the professsed. After the death of Fr Marani he succeeded him in the governance of the Congregation as Superior General. He always showed the qualities of a good religious, for his zeal in keeping the rules, for his excellent piety and love of neighbour. He strenuously worked for the good of the Congregation. After solving the lawsuit with the Royal State Property, he completed the building of S. Maria del Giglio, purchased the property of the house of Trento and began the negotiations in order to open foreign missions. He also completed the agreement for the foundation of the house of Parma.



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