July 12th





Province of the Holy Cross, Brazil

Birth: March 13, 1952 (Limeira, SP)

Entered: January 10, 1973 (Campinas, SP)

First Vows: January 24, 1978 (Campinas, SP)

Perpetual Vows: January 23, 1981 (Campinas, SP)

Priestly Ordination: January 23, 1982 (Americana, SP)

Death: July 12, 2019 (Campinas, SP)


Father Pertile was born in Limeira, state of São Paulo, Brazil, on March 13, 1952, son of Eugênio and Olga Pertile.

He entered our Formation House in Campinas on January 10, 1973. After studying philosophy, he was admitted to the novitiate on January 23, 1977. He said his First Vows on January 24, 1978, and the Perpetual Vows on January 23, 1981, both in the city of Campinas-SP. After completing the theology course, he was ordained a priest in Americana-SP on January 23, 1982, and afterwards attended a degree course in Civil History.

As a priest, he served in the cities: Itararé (BA), Santo Antônio do Sudoeste and Francisco Beltrão (PR), Ituaçu (BA), Uberaba (MG), São Caetano do Sul and Campinas (SP).  After a brief time in the Province of St. Joseph, in Brazil, he went to Verona, Italy, where he served as one of the Coordinators of the “International Year of Formation and Apostolate” (AIFA), in the years 2014-2015.

Among his assignments, he served as: Superior Provincial (1994-2000), Provincial Councilor, Novice Master, Parish Pastor, Parish Vicar and Formator.

As a Stigmatine, he stood out for solid piety: “man of prayer”; availability and readiness to accept decisions and assignments; a great sensitivity to the needs of the Congregation and the Provinces; coexistence with the confreres always cheerful, cordial, expansive and enthusiastic; missionary and tireless zeal formator; creator and director of future prospective projects: “man of vision”.

It was in the midst of this ardent zeal for apostolic activity that his body gradually began to manifest almost uncontrollable hypertension, culminating in diabetes and fatal pneumonia.

Our beloved Father Pértile returned to the Father's House in the evening of July 12, 2019, in Campinas. His body was buried on July 13 in Americana, in his family's tomb. RIP.



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