Born:               São José do Rio Pardo, SP (Brazil) - 22.08.1913

Final Profession: Rio Claro - 23.08.1934

Ordained:         Rio Claro - 26.07.1936

Died:                Rio Claro - 28.06.1995

Age:                 82



He was one of the first Brazilian Stigmatines. Son of immigrant Italians, he was one of ten seminarians of the Apostolic School founded in the province of Santa Cruz on 6 July 1924 in Rio Claro. He was the second Brazilian priest.

Immediately after his ordination he was given the charge of bursar in the Apostolic School and after the erection of the Province of S. Cruz in 1943 he became provincial bursar. In the apostolic ministry he was outstanding for his preaching ability. He was able to communicate the gospel message with depth and conviction.

He was parish priest in Marilia, SP, where he build a beautiful church which became the pride of all the paulista town.

In 1950 he was elected Provincial Superior of the young province of the Holy Cross and remained superior for 6 years.  During this period he distinguished himself especially in the vocation apostolate.

After his service as Provincial he was elected administrator of the fazenda Santana.  For two years he was director of the Artisan School of Nossa Senhora do Esterro, in Casa Branca, SP, where he also built the new residence of the school and of the formation house of our Brothers.

Fr Augusto left for all the Brazilian Stigmatines an example of fervent and zealous religious priest who, following the footsteps of Saint Bertoni, worked for the Kingdom of God until the end of his life.


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