Concordia Sagittaria, Venice - 12.11.1913


Rio Claro, SP - 13.11.1934


Campinas, SP - 5.12.1937


São Paulo, SP - 7.11.1995

AGE: 82


He entered in 1925 in Verona. He was sent to Brazil when still a student in 1934. He was ordained priest in Campinas in 1937. He exercised his priestly ministry in various communities, beginning as formator of our seminarians, in Rio Claro and Ribeirão Preto.

He was master of novices for 12 years. As a member of the “missionary flying squad” he participated in many mission Sundays especially in rural areas.

He was an exemplary religious, a lover of the rules, of great devotion and asceticism, while very attentive to the need of people. He was very devout of  our Founder St Gaspar Bertoni and spread devotion to him both in our parishes and among the confreres.  He was overjoyed when he could participate in the canonization of St Gaspar on November 1st, 1989.  This devotion was overtaken only by the other devotion he cherished for Our Lady. He had always the rosary in his hands.

In his priestly life he distinguished himself for an extraordinary apostolic zeal and in the preaching of the Word, in the celebration of the eucharist,  and in the confessional where he showed himself to be a tireless guide of souls.

He used to run around the rural districts with a great joy of heart and never showed tiredness. His talk was fluent, simple as people liked it. He gave enthusiasm to everybody.



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