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Verona – May 18, 1806




Stimate - November 11, 1829


Verona (Stimate) - February 19, 1892

AGE: 86  


He taught in the school of the Stimate and was afterwards transferred to the Derelitti, where he lived without interruption until 1885, taking care above all of the Marian Oratory of the St. Steven’s parish.  He was a capable preacher.  He was also imprisoned as a result of the political and military upheavals of 1848.

He was the general heir of Fr Gaspar Bertoni, and so he could win the court case against the State Property that last for six years with heavy battles.

He was as simple as a child, even angelical in his behaviour, by which he attracted the liking of all those he met.

He used to visit Santa Maria del Giglio and Santo Stefano until the end of his life.

He died in tranquillity of mind and heart in his old age, after 62 years of priesthood.



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