Born:               Tarcento (Udine, Italy) 18.01.1905

First Profession: 02.08.1923

Ordained:      Rome 16.03.1929

Died:                Waltham (USA) 21.06.1984

Age:                 79 


 He was sent to USA while still a student. He completed his theological course in the diocesan seminary of Boston. Immediately after his ordination he was assigned to the parish of Mount Carmel in While Plains (N.Y.).  He went then to other parishes as assistant.

In 1945 he was elected parish priest of the Sacred Heart parish in Waltham.  He was an excellent musician and willingly offered his expertise.  He was a great example for everybody in the way in which he accepted the medical diagnosis of his last illness.  He was courageous enough to joke and say he would have gone to heaven before his school mate Fr Turri.


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