BORN:                   S. Paulo  (Brazil) – 25.11.1914

FIRST PROFESSION:          15.9.1933

ORDAINED:          Ribeirão Preto – 18.8.1940

DIED:                     Ituiutaba (MG) – 18.9.1951

AGE:                      37



He was sent to Italy with his classmates to study philosophy. He returned to Brazil for theological studies.  Firstly he was appointed superior of the formation community at Rio Claro and then parish priest at S. Cruz for three years.

He spent the last three years ofhis life in various communities: Parada Inglesa, Ribeirão Preto, Barretos and Ituiutaba. One morning, while rising from bed, he was struck by a sudden illness and died after a few hours. He was the first Brazilian Stigmatine who passed away. 



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