July 20th





BORN:             Verona – 17.6.1881

ENTERED:      Verona - 1895

ORDAINED:    Trento - 1904

DIED:                Ribeirão Preto (S. Paolo) – 20.7.1945

AGE:                  64


He frequented our school at the Stimmate and there he decided to enter our congregation. After his ordination he engaged himself in preaching and teaching in Verona, Pavia, Udine and Piacenza. In 1912 he joined the second group of Confreres who went to Brazil. He worked intensely in the mission of Paraná, where he was remembered for a very long time. He was discovered with a tumour in the spine, he was quickly operated, but could not recover completely. He was deeply affected by the sickness, lost his mind and was plagued by spiritual anxiety.


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