May 6th





Casa Branca SP – December 27, 1940




Casa Branca SP – May 6,1982

AGE: 42 Years old.


            He entered after junior high school, and continued his studies and finished high school, but his intention had always been to become a coadjutor brother.

            He offered his services in different houses, also in Santiago, Chile.

            He was of joyful and expanise  character, and lived always in a climate of serenity. However, internally,  he suffered great anguish and indecision: he had remained an orphan when he was still a very young child. He suffered also from an advanced case of asthma, which always accompanied him.

            He loved music a great deal, and knew how to organize radio programs. He was also in the midst of the youth, who sincerely loved him.

            In our churches, where he rendered his service, he took special care for the celebration of Mary’s month, and promoted devotion to the  Blessed Mother.


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