Milano - 4.12.1914


Verona - 5.12.1935


Verona - 9.7.1939


Verona - 10.11.1993

AGE: 79


He entered our congregation at the age of 12 in Verona (Blessed Trinity). He went through his studies with brilliant profit in Verona, except for two years of philosophy in Rome (Angelicum). 

He obtained the degree in arts with specialization in ancient literature at Padua. He was equipped spiritually and intellectually for the stigmatine apostolate that was more appropriate for him, namely teaching and education of youth. He dedicated himself to it with passion as educator in the college of Stimate at first, then as a teacher in Udine and Gemona, and in his original parish of S. Croce in Milan as director of the boarding college.  In 1954 he was sent to Stimate which had been restored and refurbished after the damage of the 1945 bombing.

He gave 50 years to the school apostolate with enthusiasm and brilliant intelligence, intuition and creativity, competence and also with his poetic gifts.

The second field of apostolate was the theatre. In this he specialised himself with passion and expertise: he was appreciated not only in the city of Verona but also in other major centres of the province.

The last chapter of his life was not so known, except for his closer relatives and confreres and few friends: the one regarding his illness that he bore with serenity and dignity.



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