BORN:                   Verona 20.1.1812

ORDAINED:          1836

ENTERED:            Stimmate - 1859

DIED:                     Verona (Stimmate) 23.8.1891

AGE:                       79


He worked in the diocesan seminary as a vice-rector for ten years and then he was appointed parish priest of San Pietro in Monastero (near the Cathedral of Verona) for another ten years, and finally he became the arch-priest of San Fermo Maggiore for three years.

He left this position to enter the Stimmate in 1859. After his profession he was very committed in the sacred ministry and taught moral theology in the diocesan seminary. He was also the rector of the Marian Oratory. He was elected Superior General in 1875 and led the Congregation for 16 years. He founded the communities of Bassano, Pavia and Rome (Santa Maria dei Miracoli). In 1890 he obtained from the Holy See the official approbation of our Congregation. He was struck by paralysis as he was descending the pulpit after a sermon and died soon after.



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