BORN:                                   Concordia (Venice) - 16.10.1911

FINAL PROFESSION:          Verona - 9.9.1937

DIED:                                    Udine - 12.9.1994

AGE:                                      83   


He became a well known person in his own town of Concordia (Venice), where he was born in 1911. He was very generous and very determined in achieving his goals. He was the third of 17 brothers and when he entered the Congregation he was already an expert carpenter. With his practical skill in wood work, he was very helpful in the professional schools of the Stimmate and of Via Mameli (Verona).

For more than 30 years he covered administrative posts in Rome. He was able to help everybody because of his personal acquaintances. The house of S. Croce in Rome was open to anybody who was in need of hospitality, counselling, and support. He had a very sensitive heart and would reciprocate each little gesture of friendship and kindness hr received. His devotions, his engagements and his friendships were always above the “normal” measure. He committed himself to drawing projects, to building, to the administration and running of social projects for the poor. He spent the last thee years of his lfe in the community of Udine. 



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