BORN: Piscine di Sover, TN - 15.06.1911

FINAL PROFESSION: Genzano, Roma - 16.08.1933

ORDINATION: Roma - 13.03.1937

DECEASED:  Verona - 18.12.1994

AGE: 83


He entered in our congregation in 1924. His formators detected immediately his human and intellectual capacities and directed him to the philosophical and theological studies in Rome (Angelicum). His life developed mainly in the houses of formation of St Severino Marche, Sezano, Affi, Galbiate, St Leonardo and Via Mameli. As the Apostolic School moved through different vicissitudes, Fr Modesto was always on its track, except for three years spent in Rome as general councillor (1952-1958), and two in the parish of Parma (1967-1969). After this time he lived continuously in St Leonardo, directly involved in the care of the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Fr Modesto has always been a religious who aimed at what was essential, lasting and pursued with constancy and determination. He is to be considered an exemplary religious: prayer, study, work and respect of others.

He left this world silently and suddenly: as silently and assiduously as he spent all his life.


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