24 agosto






Nato a Santo Stefano di Zimella 22 luglio 1916

Professione temporanea 9 settembre 1935

Professione perpetua 9 settembre 1938

Ordinazione presbiteriale 28 giugno 1942

Morto a San Leonardo. Verona. 24 agosto 2007

(91 yrs.)


In the late morning of August 24, Father Luigi Veronese passed away at San Leonardo’s where he lived a little more than a year arriving from his community of Catania. He has completed his 91th year of age. Until the previous day nothing shown foreseeing his imminent death. Like every other day, he passed the day between his room, community chapel for daily prayers and refectory for the meals together with other confreres.

During the night he did not feel well twice. A rather high fever showed a sign that there was pulmonary problem. Early in the morning, the nurses had noticed the rather difficult situation. Fr. Sergio Gaspari has called a doctor who could not arrive in time. Inasmuch as the situation seemed to get worse, Fr. Sergio administered him the anointment of the sick while the confreres who were present in house. We were all around his bed in prayer, listening to the Word of God and the Anointment. During the rite of the sacrament Fr. Luigi has passed away with a smile on his face and with no sign of suffering. The Lord had welcomed his good and faithful servant who had served Him with zeal and passion for many years.

Fr. Luigi came from Santo Stefano di Zimella, a province of Verona and diocese of Vicenza, the place where he loved so deeply. For all his life he has worked with great dedication and highly fidelity for the souls that had been entrusted to him. He had carried out his priestly ministries in various parishes in both Northern and Southern Italy, especially in Catania where his ministries as priest and apostolic missionary reached a lot of people. He often liked telling others of it when he was asking about his past life. Sicily was remained in his heart, with all the contradictions of this land and also with all the marvelous things that he greatly appreciated.

He was quite peaceful during the last months, enjoying every little thing, giving thanks to other confreres for little services that they made for him, continually praying for the Church and the Congregation.

May the Lord receive him in peace and joy.

Rest in peace.

Fr. Lidio Zaupa


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