February 26st







Verona (SS. Trinità) – July 25, 1803


Mantova – September 20, 1828


Stimate - September 12, 1830


StimateFebruary 26, 1864

AGE: 61


He exercised with constant great zeal the ministry of preaching, especially in the explanation of the Christian Doctrine.  He managed to express himself clearly and was understood by everybody, while using such rich skills to be admired by all. He drew people from all over the city who wished to listen to him, including learned people.

He spent long hours at the confessional which was crowded by penitents. He managed to deal much lovingly with the most humble and miserable.

He was arrested by the Austrian authorities in 1848, with the accusation of corrupting the soldiers. In 1855, during the general plague, he made a vow to God of offering his own life for the salvation of all. 

He had a simple soul, and was most devout to Our Lady and the Holy Spouses. He died in great peace.


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