February 1nd





Chiampo, VI - 17.04.1914


Verona - 16.07.1936


Verona - 09.07.1939


Salerno - 01.02.1998

AGE: 84 


After his ordination during the difficult period of the war he used his youthful energy as educator and professor in Reggio Emilia (1940-1941), Sezano (1941-1942), San Severino Marche (1943-1944), Udine (1944) and Trento (1944-1945). He showed his enthusiasm in the maturity of his life especially in Bellizzi, Battipaglia, Poggiomarino and in Sicily (Noto: 1956-1960; Catania: 1961-1968). He spent his last years  in Bellizzi.

His habitual expressions were: “How beautiful you are!”, “You’re good, very good!”. This was how he liked to greet everybody, to inspire trust and confidence at the first approach. His external bulky and powerful figure could induce fear and keep people at a distance. Yet, his smile, his greeting and his desire to make an acquaintance and enter into dialogue made all people closer to him: all, children and adults.

His contribution was great also as a helping worker in the building of the church of St John in Catania (Sicily) and of the apse of the church of Battipaglia.  His characteristics were: zeal for the ministry of confession, cheerfulness in visiting the sick, great devotion to Our Lady, faithfulness in preparing the Sunday homilies and in administering the Sacraments.

He was for all an example of observant religious and genuine Stigmatine.


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