January 21th






Granarolo di Faenza, RA - 16.3.1885


Parma - 1.5.1911


Poggiomarino, NA - 21.1.1952

AGE: 67 


He served in the military for four years during the First World War (1915-1919) remaining always faithful to his vocation.  Immediately upon his return, he was assigned to Brazil, where he was a precious collaborator until 1930. As he returned to Italy he served always as cook and house provider in our formation houses.

During the Second World War he had to use all his talents to help the students to survive through evacuating, emigrating and scattering of various kinds.

Notwithstanding his age and poor health he wanted to follow our confreres in the new foundation of Poggiomarino (Naples). He died in his sleep.


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