2 April




He was born on August 15, 1939 in Battipaglia (Salerno), he entered our Congregation and was welcomed in Cadellara in 1954. The following year he began his journey of preparation for the religious life as Postulant. He was admitted to the novitiate as a Lay Brother in 1956 in St. Leonardo, Verona, under the responsibility of Fr. Aldo Mattiussi as Novice Master. In the following years, before his perpetual profession, he lived in Rome’s Sant'Agata and Santa Croce, then in Poggiomarino as sacristan. After his perpetual profession, celebrated in St. Leonardo in 1963, he resumed his activities in various Stigmatine communities and works. We see him engaged in Pavia, in Rome’s Blessed Trinity, in Parma, in Milan’s Santa Croce and at Battipaglia’s “Opera Bertoni”. He was posted in the formation community of our Aspirant students in Cadellara and spent also two years in the “discernment community” for adult vocations in the Terese Lane in Verona. His apostolic activity was directed especially towards children and young people. He felt at ease in the parish oratories and he enjoyed it very much. His was a discreet presence, humble and modest. He had a passion for this work and devoted much of his time to it. He had the gift of being present to people and was a good listener. He left a good memory of himself in all the places where he lived and worked. He inspired confidence, and many kids confided in him and had from him encouragement and support. He liked people and knew how to be close with his heart to the people he met.
Then illness knocked at his door. For twelve years he had to submit to nephrology treatments. Difficulty of blood circulation, diabetes and kidney problems worsened the situation and he had to undergo surgery to amputate one leg. The spent his last years in San Leonardo, lovingly nursed by our Brothers Patrick and Paul. He gave us the example of a man of faith. He faced his disease and suffering with great spirit and courage. He had a great desire to live and dreamed of standing again on his both legs (with the help of a prosthesis) and walk. Unfortunately he had to accept the situation of moving on the wheelchair. He never complained. He nourished his spiritual life with prayer and meditation. In the last days, his health deteriorated drastically but we did not believe that the end was so imminent. He died peacefully on April 2, 2016 at 16.15, in the Borgo Trento hospital of Verona, where he had been staying for few weeks, while undergoing dialysis treatment. Two funerals were celebrated for him: one at our shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Verona on April 5, and a second one in Battipaglia on April 6. He was buried in our Stigmatine grave in the Battipaglia cemetery.





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