February 26st




BIRTH: Caldiero, VR - 18.2.1895

DEATH: Tregnago, VR - 26.2.1974

AGE: 79 


 The relationship between the Stigmatine congregation and the family of Commendatore Turco and his wife Noble Micaela Steccanella, began in 1945. It was caused by the sorrow of a sad accident. The hurricane of the war had destroyed all the works of the Stigmatines in Verona and the student seminarians were looking for another residence to slowly resume their life. A military vehicle of the Allies had tragically killed Mino, the son of Micaela and Guglielmo Turco. In their distraught situation, the parents found comfort in their faith and decided to do something that could be in the same time a lasting remembrance of their son and a seed of some future good work. So the “Mino Turco Foundation” was born in Ca’-dell’Ara at Colognola ai Colli (Verona), in a Venitian villa, with a vast park and fields, donated by the Turco couple, in favour of the Stigmatine congregation.   Since that time innumerable Stigmatine seminarians – some time younger some time older – have been formed to the religious and priestly and missionary life in that environment.  For 28 years they saw the Turco couple participate regularly to the major events and ceremonies of their lives, in the chapel and in the following conversation with simplicity and care.


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