January 2th







Bassano, VI - 24.01.1866


Verona 1879


Trento - 1890


Rome (S. Agata) - 2.01.1954

AGE: 88 






After his ordination he went to Rome where he obtained a degree in theology at the Apollinare University. He taught philosophy and theology to our students for many years. He was superior of the Mother House until 1909. After his election as rector of the seminary of Belluno he was chosen as Superior General in 1911.

During the First World war he was confirmed Superior General by the Holy See until 1922, when it was possible to call a General Chapter.

From that time he was Procurator General until 1952.

He was nominated Consulter of the Congregation of Religious. He was also Apostolic Visitator of several Institutes, which received new thrust and development from him.

He was an expert in Manzoniís literature and an outstanding orator and preacher of Retreats.  He was very helpful to the Focolare Movement in its difficult beginning. He remained clear in his mind until he was struck by cerebral thrombosis that brought him to a serene death.


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