February 28st




MARIO TAIS (sacerdote)



Levico, TN - September 19, 1911


Sezano, VR - August 16, 1933


Trento - March 13, 1937


Verona - February 28, 1998

AGE: 87 


Fr Mario entered the congregation at 12 years of age and followed all the formation journey between Verona and Sezano, until his ordination.

He received several tasks and engagements during the first years of his priesthood.  He was in Reggio Emilia, during the years immediately preceding the last world war. During the war he was at the Stimate and Trento, to comfort those who were suffering for the loss of their family members.

The following years he was in Parma and Rieti where he was put in charge of distributing aid sent from overseas for the war victim families.

In 1964 he was entrusted with the office of Superior Provincial, which was renewed in 1967. Those were important years for the life of the Italian Province of the Sacred Heart, with the opening of the new Bertoni college in Udine and the Boarding house in Rieti. He was graced with a rare capacity of dialogue and listening.  In 1970 he was posted in the General Curia where he was general procurator: an office that he executed always with scrupulous faithfulness and extreme generosity.

All admired him for his positive and optimistic way of looking at life. He lived his religious life with a faithfulness which was not fruit of habit but of solid conviction, of study and reflection on the word of God. From February 1995 he went to live in San Leonardo. Notwithstanding his weak health he was able to be serene and distributed serenity to everybody, always being interested in the life of the congregation and of the individual confreres.

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