Born:               Vittorio Veneto (Trieste, Italy) - 13.07.1913

Final profession: Waltham, MA (USA) - 09.09.1937

Ordained:         Newton, MA - 20.06.1942

Died:                Waltham, MA - 27.06.1999

Age:                 86


Fr Camillo emigrated to the United States of America as a child with his family.  He entered our congregation in 1932.

He exercised his priestly ministry for 32 years in nine parishes. He was an untiring apostle, always optimistic and fuelling others with courage.

He promoted vocations to religious life and priesthood with enthusiasm. He was a model of priestly zeal for many young people.

Due to a decline in health he had to retire from active ministry but he remained always happy of his religious life and an esteemed companion in community.


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