BORN:    Pittsfield, MA - 1.1.1918

FINAL PROFESSION:   Waltham, MA - 9.9.1940

ORDAINED:  Newton, MA - 12.6.1945

DIED:             Waltham, MA - 2.8.2000

AGE:               82   


Fr. Carmen entered the Congregation in 1932 and pronounced his first vows in 1937.  After his ordination (1945) he firstly exercised his priestly ministry in several parishes of the Province of the Holy Spouses. Since the beginning he showed a special skill in administration and he was asked to work for many years for the finance of the Province. Thanks to his kindness in dealing with the Confreres, he was elected a Provincial Superior in 1958, and he remained in office until 1964. He subsequently worked in parishes and the administration of the Province until he was appointed general councillor in 1988. He resided at the General Curia until February 2000. He was appreciated for his humour by all the confreres of the Congregation to whom he felt very much attached.  He cultivated always a particular devotion to Saint Gaspar Bertoni and offered his services for the English translation of his life and writings.



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