January 2th




Torri di Benaco, VR - 29.09.1910


Verona - 09.07.1932


Udine - 26.01.1936


Uberaba, MC - 07.01.2001

AGE: 90 


He left for Brazil in 1936 and his first residence was Rio Claro (SP) where he worked as assistant in the parish of St John the Baptist.

In 1938 he was sent to Formosa (GO) where he remained until 1941. Then he went to Holy Cross in Palmeira (SP) where he was parish priest until he was transferred to St Lucia, Parada Inglesa, in the city of São Paulo.

In 1947 he was sent to the parish of Nossa Senhora da Abadia, at Uberaba (MG). There, during 29 years of work, he concluded the building of the shrine and realised a fruitful apostolate full of charity. He lived in Uberaba more than 53 years, exercising the apostolate of confession especially after his sixtieth year of age, tirelessly, and giving preference to the poor and sick.


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