Tresckow, Pennsylvania - 04.06.1913




Rome - 1937


Tresckow - 23.11.1974

AGE: 61


After his first profession he was sent to Rome for his philosophical and theological studies.  He distinguished himself for the love of study especially theology. After obtaining the Licentiate he returned to USA where he was engaged in teaching in Waltham and Wellesley.

After two years spent in Pittsfield he returned to Waltham in the retreat house, and that was the best period of his life (1953-1958)

His preaching was very personal and coming from the heart. He managed to present with easiness and enthusiasm his culture and his experience, enriched by his personal reflection.

During the period 1958-1961 he was superior in White Plains and confessor of the novices at Sanqerfield.  During those years he began to experience a quick deterioration of his health. His  spirit was purified and refined by these sufferings. He asked to retire and live with his relatives.  He almost never left his house; he spoke rarely, and prayed a lot.  He was offering to God his suffering, his solitude and his homesickness for the far away confreres. He died in peace.



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