July 2th





BORN:                            Drifton, PA -  29. 4. 1914

FINAL PROFESSION:   Sezano, VR -  9. 9. 1936

ORDAINED:                   Newton, MA -  20. 6. 1942

DIED:                              Waltham, MA -  2. 7. 1992

AGE:                               78


He frequented the school of St Ann at Freeland, PA, before entering our minor seminary at Waltham in 1927. He made his first profession in Verona where he was studying philosophy and theology. After six years of studies, because of his frequent bouts of sickness, he had to return to the USA.

After proper medical attention, he completed the course of theology in our major seminary of Wellesley and was ordained a priest in 1942.

Though always rather weak in his health, Fr Serafino dedicated himself generously to the apostolic ministry in many parishes of the dioceses of Springfield, Syracuse and Little Rock, as well as in the archdiocese of New York and Boston.

Beside this activity, he was also confessor and assistant in our novitiate, firstly at Springfield (1954-1960) and later at Waterville, NY (1961-1967).

As from 1985 he lived at St Joseph’s Hall, Waltham until his death.

He was always appreciated for his fraternal availability and kindness, quietness and simplicity.



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