January 7th







Casez, TN - 2.3.1915




Verona - 9.7.1939


Trento - 7.1.1967

AGE: 52



He had his novitiate in Gemona and followed the course of theology in Udine. He obtained the degree in arts in Padua in 1943 and the teaching qualification for high school in 1956.

From 1943 to 1946 he was principal in Gemona and after that he always taught in Udine. He received the appreciation of all for his competence, punctuality and the swift execution of his tasks.

In 1946 he was struck by bone TB and had his left arm amputated. After two years of convalescence he returned to his work always with enthusiasm and trust, for further fifteen years.

When other illnesses plagued him he had to leave teaching. He retired to his family hoping for the good effect of his native climate but he was soon to be hospitalised in a clinic in Trento, where he died.






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