May 19th






Cles TN July 10, 1896


November 1, 1916


Trent July 1, 1923


Bussolengo VR May 19,  1967

AGE: 71 years old


            He left for China together with Fr. Attilio  Zadra, just a few months after the first four Missionaries had departed.   He never enjoyed good health, and risked dying for a severe attack of intestinal poisoning. Then, he suffered a violent attack smallpox, which then left him  quite scarred. He returned to Italy in  1933, retaining in his heart a real nostalgia for the Mission. He was already ready and generous; simple and immediate in his responses, very good natured and friendly, and  conquered the esteem of all who met him with great ease.

            During the second World War, he served as Superior in Gemona,  and poured himself out in every way to assist the partisans and those being  hunted.

            From 1948, until his death, he remained almost always at Battipaglia. Following a very serious illness, he was brought to Verona, so that he could receive adequate assistance. When his  malady became grave, he was taken to the Hospital at Bussolengo, where he died.


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