June 1th




Born:               Arzignano (Vicenza, Italy)  - 01.02.1884

First Profession: Trento (Italy)   - 01.11.1901

Ordained:         Udine (Italy)  28.03.1909

Died:                Gemona (Udine, Italy)  01.06.1951

Age:                 67


He was bursar in several communities. He was assistant at the Patronato of the Stimate in Verona, and also Master of Novices. He was always ready to serve in the most humble tasks, with selflessness. He was a good electrician. While superior at Affi (Verona) he suffered an attack of paralysis.  He was sent to Gemona for a rest, but he had new attacks of the same sickness which brought him to the tomb. At his funeral many town people participated admiring his humble laboriousness and goodness.


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