June 4th




Born:                   Concordia Sagittaria (Venice)  14.4.1914

Final profession:   Sezano (Verona) 9.9.1935

Ordained:             Verona 09.07.1939

Died:                    4.6.1991

Age:                     77


The distinct characteristics of his life were simplicity and discretion. He used not to make any noise, nor raise his voice. He loved music and was a great choir director. He had a reflective character and knew how to listen to others, while adding at times his appropriate observations. 

A sincere man, he loved truth and was humble.

His life was marked by a long calvary of 14 years of suffering. His character was deeply affected by this continuous suffering that allowed no hope of healing. His last days of life were particularly painful. He asked for the last sacraments that he received in perfect consciousness.

During his practically long life in our congregation he lived in several communities, but his longest period was covered by his apostolate in our colleges of the Stimate in Verona and at Bertoni’s in Udine, first as in charge of the students and subsequently of the “doposcuola” (after-hours studies).


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