BORN:                   Longare (Vicenza) 7.12.1915

ENTERED:            Verona - 1926

ORDAINED:          8.4.1939

DIED:                     Negrar (Verona) 12.8.1988

AGE:                      73 


He began his apostolate as an assistant of the Catholic youth in Reggio Emilia.  He worked for them the whole of his life in our oratories of Milan, Rome, Trento and Pavia.  He was appointed the first parish priest of Bellizzi (Salerno). He then became  a superior in the community of S. Croce in Rome. Later on he caught a strong form of sugar diabetes for which he was lengthily hospitalized, firstly at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Milan and then at S. Raffaele. He was a very kind person and knew how to be respected and loved by everybody. He spent the last days of his life in Trento.


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