Lisignago, Trento - 28.7.1906


Verona - 16.2.1930


Rome - 12.7.1931


Trento - 22.11.1994

AGE: 88   


In 1934 he left for Brazil where he dedicated himself at first to formation and subsequently to the priestly ministry in which he spent himself with great  enthusiasm.  In 1941 he founded the community of Mooca in the city of S. Paulo in the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel. For 15 years he laboured hard to give to the people not only the Word of God but also material welfare. He constituted workers clubs, schools, dispensaries and all that could be useful for his parishioners. 

In 1957 he started a new foundation in Curitiba, PR, living in extreme poverty. In 1967 he was put in charge of the parish of Itobi where for 25 years he became the apostles of the poor and destitute, serving also the Leper institution of Cocais until the authorities decided to close it.  Then Fr Vittorio made a plan to build a village of 20 houses for the most needy families.

In 1984 he managed to build a kindergarten for a hundred children aged two to six years. He continued to be concerned with the many people without a dwelling and he supported the “Association of the homeless of Itobi”, managing to make the diocese engaged in building 107 houses.

He always enjoyed good health but around the age of 86 he began finding difficult to walk. In 1992 he went back to Italy for a period of rest. He was welcomed in the community of Trento where he concluded his extraordinarily active life, the morning of 22 November 1994.



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