January 26th






Debba, VI - 21.5.1914

Final profession:

Verona, VR - 9.9.1937


Verona, VR - 29.6.1941


Verona, VR - 26.1.2000

AGE: 86 


He entered at the age of fourteen, with all the vitality of his industrious land of origin. After his priestly ordination he was assigned to several communities throughout the Italian peninsula, with a very fruitful apostolate.

He was first in Rome during the difficult time of the Second World War, where he spent himself generously for all the needy persons. After the war he engaged himself in the reconstruction of some of our houses in Verona, and subsequently in the foundation of Antrodoco (RI) and S. Severino (MC).  He worked hard also in the communities of Southern Italy: Bellizzi, the Picciola, Battipaglia places that he loved much in a time of unstable conditions.

Another important period of his life was dedicated to the formation in our Professional Centre in Via Mameli (VR). His serene and jolly character helped him to overcome particularly difficult situations.

He spent the last years of his life in the community of San Leonardo, where he gave example of simplicity, good humour, and hearty welcome to confreres who passed there, and also of patience in bearing with his illnesses.


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