Debba di Longare - 27.10.1929


Boscochiesanuova, Verona - 9.9.1952




Battipaglia - 28.11.1991

AGE: 62   


He entered as an aspirant the year his uncle Fr Gaetano was ordained.  After his ordination he was assigned to the college of Udine for four years. In 1959 he was sent to Southern Italy and lived in Battipaglia, Noto, Bellizzi and Belvedere.  In 1970 he became superior of the community of Battipaglia and in 1972 also parish priest, remaining in this office until 1982.  His main concern was the catechesis at all levels. He had to repair the damages caused to the church by the earthquake of 1980.

When the new province of Our Lady of Hope was erected, he was its first Superior Provincial in 1982. During his service he cared especially for the vocation animation and the formation of our students. In 1984 he opened the mission of the Philippines.

In 1988 he was elected vicar general and went to live in St Agatha in Rome, functioning also as general bursar.

The evening of November 28, 1991 he was struck by a sudden illness and urgently hospitalised in the Fatebenefratelli clinic where after a short time he had a second attack, that interrupted his life that had been very precious for us.




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