July 4th





BORN:                            Concordia Sagittaria, (Venice) – 1.08.1912

FINAL PROFESSION:    27.3.1934

ORDAINED:                   Verona – 11.7.1937

DIED:                              Negrar, VR – 4.7.1987

AGE:                                75 


During his life he was given several tasks in our communities of Rome, Udine, Pavia, Milan and he worked for a longer period in our parish of Trento. He carried out all his assignments with competence and without aspiring to great positions. On the Good Friday of 1984 he was operated because of stomach problems. That was “his” Good Friday and he lived it through with clear conscience and acceptance of God’s will. From that day he always experienced physical suffering, but it did not prevent his determination to do something good for others. 


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