July 26th




BORN:                            Pergine (Trento) 3.5.1886

ENTERED:                     Trento 12.12.1901

FINAL PROFESSION:   20.10.1912

DIED:                             Verona 26.7.1969

AGE:                                83 


He served in the Army of the Austrian Empire during the First World War. While engaged in the battle against the Russians he was taken prisoner, but subsequently released, because he was of Italian origin. He entered our Congregation and became a tailor and infirmarian working especially for our Candidates in formation. He was short in stature, but he had a great heart and he was full of wisdom. He followed very closely our Candidates throughout their little or great crises. He spent his last energies serving at the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at San Leonardo.




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