Born:               Pieveottoville, Parma (Italy) - 15.08.1910

Final Profession; Sezano, (Verona) - 09.9.1935

Ordained:         Verona - 09.07.1939

Died:                Verona - 28.06.1998

Age:                 88


He remained orphan when he lost his father in the war in 1917 and was raised by his mother battling with hunger and poverty.

At 17 he entered our congregation at Holy Trinity in Verona. He had his novitiate in Gemona and his ordination to priesthood in Verona.

He lived and worked as an active apostle in various communities: Reggio Emilia, S. Croce in Milan, Parma, S. Croce in Rome, Holy Trinity in Rome. In the parish of S. Croce from 1948 to 1962 and from 1971 to 1976, as parish vicar, he cultivated innumerable groups of young people.

In 1962 he founded the parish of Holy Trinity in Rome at Villa Chigi of which he was the first parish priest.  Those were hard times during which the community lived without a church building, making use of two small apartments. He was parish priest from 1962 to 1971 and vice parish priest from 1984 to 1993.

He also worked in different periods in Parma (1946-1948 and 1976-1984) with the youth of the college and as a rector of the church of St Giacomo.

He was one of the pioneers of the “Roman Pilgrimages Work” (Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi), conducting more than thirty diocesan pilgrimages to Lourdes. When he began too weak, he concluded his life in the community of S. Leonardo in Verona (1993-1998).


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