January 13th





Cerna (VR) - 25.04.1935




Verona - 24.06.1962


Rio Claro - 13.01.1987

AGE: 52 


He had entered our congregation together with his school-mate Luciano Zuliani and with him he was ordained priest in San Leonardo (VR) in 1965. His native village of Cerna (VR) did not have any priest for one hundred years. But of these two priests Luciano died in a car accident on 13 January 1963 and Lindo died by heart attack on the same date twenty years afterwards.

Three years after his ordination Fr Lindo left for Brazil where he offered his missionary service with generosity, never complaining of difficulties.

He was at first co-operator in the parish of  Bon Consehlo of Alto da Mooca in São Paulo, in Campinas, in Rio Claro, and during the last years in São Caetano do Sul. 

In January 1987 he went to Rio Claro for a visit, and met his death while climbing the stairs of a bell tower (of very sad memory... cf 9.10.1965!) where he used a room for his rest. Among his medicines, was found one for “angina pectoris”. He had not disclosed his illness to anybody.

Fr Lindo was much admired, even if he had a rather reserved character with regard to his private life.

His mother Emilia welcomed with Christian dignity the coffin of her son, which was flown from Brazil to Cerna, on 22 January 1987.


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