BORN:                            Roethis (Austria) 19.3.1889

FIRST PROFESSION:     29.9.1912

ORDAINED:                   Feldkirk (Austria) 18.9.1915

DIED:                              Waltham (MA). 18.9.1969

AGE:                                80



His original name was Wilhelm Ludescher. Immediately after his ordination he appointed was military chaplain in the Austrian army. After the war he was sent to Capodistria as a teacher and subsequently to Rome and Trento to work mainly as a bursar. In 1922 he went to USA. He was assistant parish priest and then parish priest in Waltham, Springfield, Pittsfield and White Plains.  He was elected Ordinary Visitator of the Congregation in the USA for 12 years, from 1928 to 1940. During this period he revived the religious and apostolic life of all the communities and opened new ones in Canada. He was also in Washington working as a spiritual director of our students.



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