May 28th





Descalvado SP – November 16, 1924


Ribeirão Preto SP – December 9, 1946


Ribeirão Preto SP – August 15, 1951


Campinas SP - May 28, 1999

AGE: 75 years old


            He was born in Descalvado, in the State of San Paolo, on November 16, 1924. Fr. Osorio entered in 1936 at Rio Claro, our ‘College of the Holy Cross’, the first Stigmatine Seminary in Brazil.

            The period of Novitiate and the three years of temporary profession, he completed in the Seminary of Ribeirão Preto, where he  made his perpetual profession on December 9, 1946. Remaining in this same Seminary, he pursued his theological studies, receiving priestly ordination on August 15, 1951.

            He was always available, with a happy-go-lucky spirit, and exercised the ministry as vice-pastor at Barretos [1952-1955; 1958-1961], at Marilia [1962-1971], at Casa Branca [1972-1974], and at Paraguaçu Paulista [1975-1981]. He served as Pastor at Ituverava from 1956-1957.

            While serving as pastor at Barra da Estiva [1982-1984], he fell in love with Bahia, where he wanted to spend the last years of his ministry. He served as Pastor of Ituaçu [1985-1991] and from 1992 in Dom Basilio.

            He was a simple and tranquil man, and he enjoyed  being among the humble of heart and the poor people. He never seemed to become angry. With a generous heart and profound spirit of charity, he poured himself out for the poor, making himself present, without sparing  time for himself, in the centers of social assistance, where he always took interest in the street workers, gathering them for religious instruction.


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