BORN:                           Cholchol, Chile - 27.12. 1928

FINAL PROFESSION:  Santiago - 23.1.1988

ORDAINED:                 Santiago - 8.1.1989

DIED:                             Lolol - 12.9.2001

AGE:                              73  


He was a good lay person, an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, known by everybody in the parish for his generosity and for the good he was performing especially among the simple and poor people in the surrounding areas of the city.

In 1982 he entered the Congregation at Santiago. He was in Brazil for his novitiate and was the first Stigmatine from Chile. He was ordained in 1989 at the age of 60 and worked as a priest in the city of Santiago in the parish of the Divino Redentor. He then moved to El Belloto and in 1997 to the parish of Lolol where he stayed until his death.

He had an open and welcoming character. He loved his ministry and was close to all, especially the sick people and the simple people who sought from him wise counselling and kind understanding.



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