CARLO HUGHES (brother)


BORN: Framingham Mass. 3.04.1913


DECEASED: Whitinsville Mass. 23.12.1966

AGE: 53


 He had frequented the studies of pharmacology at Mass. College. He was a sacristan in St George in Saxonville. He entered in our congregation at 24. He remained for twenty years in the House of Studies of Waltham and in the Retreat House. He entered the novitiate at Springfield and Waterville and lived also in Wellesley. He was very much interested in the ecumenical movement, even before the Council Vat II and was filled with joy when the Mass was celebrated in English. He spent the last five years of his life plagued by several illnesses. He died suddenly in his sleep at the Retirement Home of St Camillus in Whitinsville.


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