May 7th





Pergine TN June 14, 1922






Verona May 7, 1989

AGE: 67 years old.


            Fr. Guido received the formation that was in vogue in his time: he completed his  lower studies at the Stimmate; then he had a kind of apprenticeship in Udine; he studied theology in our own seminary, and then received the Licentiate in Theology at the ANGELICUM, Rome.

            Immediately following this, he committed himself to the apostolic work in that field that was the most pleasing to him: youth work. For a good 26 years [1949-1975] he spent his life among the young,  and contributed to their effective human and Christian formation: in the Colleges of Gemona, Verona, Udine, and then  in the university  student   boarding schools in Milan, at the parishes of the Holy Cross and St. Leo.

            He also offered himself to parish ministry with good will and kindness.

            He served as Vicar Provincial during the years of 1973-1976, and then returned enthusiastically among the youth in the junior high school at the Stimmate, where he taught  Letters.

            He died very suddenly the eve of the Ascension: apparently without suffering and without disturbing anyone. God had found him ready for heaven.


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