BORN: Gemona, UD 22.04.1848


DECEASED: Verona (Stimate) 5.12.1921

AGE: 73


He was very dedicated and successful in the apostolic ministry, especially in the spiritual counselling. He was superior in S. Maria del Giglio and Stimmate. In 1891 he succeeded Fr P. Vignola as Superior General. He opened the cause of Beatification of our Founder and was instrumental for the increase in number of our confreres. He opened the communities of Udine, Gemona and Milan, and he sent the first Stigmatines to the Unites States of America.

In 1907 he shifted the General Curia to Rome, where he became successful and much esteemed by people. Pope Pius X, through him, entrusted to our congregation the direction of the seminary of Belluno (1910-1915).

After 10 years of leadership he retired to the Stimmate.


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