July 30th





BORN: Verona – 28.9.1783

ORDAINED: 20.9.1806

ENTERED: Stimmate – 4.12.1816

DIED: Stimmate – 30.7.1853

AGE: 70 


He was ordained a priest before completing his theological studies.  A very good confessor sought after by people, he was always available at any hour of the day in the church of the Stimmate. His was always joyful and jovial, so that Confreres considered him “the delight of the newly born Congregation”, which he wholeheartedly loved. Throughout his life he taught in our school of the Stimmate and he was called “the good teacher”. He crowned his humble hidden life of self-sacrifice with a holy death, just one month after that of his most dear Fr Gaspar. 



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