Born:            Grezzana  (Verona)- 4.6.1918

Final Profession:   ?

Ordained: Verona 1945

Died:              Rome 18.06.1992

Age:                  74 


Born in Grezzana (Verona) he remained always connected with that parish community that he left still very young, to enter the Stigmatines. After his ordination he exercised the priestly ministry during his young years among the youth. He lived in Stimate, Trento, Rieti and Parma: in our colleges, schools and oratories.  His character was kind and patient and knew how to be liked by everybody.  He was appreciated above all as spiritual director.

In the last 60s he was also provincial councillor and then in 1972 he was elected Provost on the parish of St Leo the Great in Milan, where he spent most of his energies.

He lived the last ten years of his life in the parish of Santa Croce in Rome where people appreciated him for his generosity and his faithful service at the confessional.

While boarding the train at the Termini station, that would have brought him to his annual Retreat, he was suddenly attacked by an illness.  His earthly journey concluded on a train, as a sign of an apostle who never tired of bringing the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus to everybody.


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